August’s Full Moon in Aquarius will take place this Sunday, August 22nd at 8:02am ET. This will be the SECOND Full Moon in Aquarius. 

August full moon in aquarius is a seasonal blue moon.

The first Aquarius Full Moon was in July. Having two full moons in Aquarius will emphasize your unique and quirky qualities, regardless of who’s looking. And good for you! You’re evolving into a deeper version of yourself, whether you (or the folks around you) are ready or not!

August Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius energy is about innovation and revolution. It’s about doing things in a new way, and the methods may be a little messy at first. But breaking free from those constraints is a part of the journey.

Aquarius seeks to improve society and humanity, and is interested in the world at large.  With so much going on around the world, do your best not to shut down due to overwhelm. Discover how you can be an agent of change.

August’s Full Moon in Aquarius is a seasonal Blue Moon, which I had never heard of before this week. Historically, a monthly Blue Moon is when there are two full moons within one month.

A seasonal Blue Moon occurs when there are four blue moons within a season. The third full moon of four full moons in a season is a blue moon.

What’s most important to know is that this is the second Aquarius Full Moon in a row. This will intensify the Aquarius energy that began last month. Here’s what you need to know:

Feel Your Feelings

Full Moons amplify your feelings, so don’t bottle them in. Pay attention, and discover the root of your emotions.

Continue to Adjust

July’s Full Moon in Aquarius called for some changes that you may not have been ready for. This weekend’s full moon may bring some more adjustments. But at least, you’ve already started.

Check-In With Yourself

This is a great time for going inward, to learn more about yourself. Journaling and meditation are great activities for this.

Follow Through On Your Projects

Full Moons signal completions, so revisit your outstanding projects to see how you can move the needle forward.

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