Are you a broom closet witch? Witches who are uncomfortable with being public about their practices are said to be “in the broom closet”. If that sounds like you, I want to offer some suggestions for alternative ways that you can practice your craft.

Little broom closet witch hiding in a closet

It’s easy to look at photos of cool altars, and witchy being witchy on Instagram. Many witches have the freedom to perform magick whenever they want.

But not everyone has the privilege of being loud and proud about being a witch. Even today, there are countries where practicing magick is punishable by death.

Witchcraft has been demonized for hundreds of years. even in countries like the United States and Europe. Some members in our global magickal family have religious, critical, or judgmental family members. This makes it difficult to practice magick openly.

How Much Privacy Do You Need?

Do you live with religious parents, nosy children or a gossipy roommate? It’s important to be honest about how much privacy you have. Are you living with someone who is nosy enough to look through your things? Can you trust your non-witch friends to not make fun of you in the future? If you have kids, are they likely to tell your business to others? 

It might not make sense to have things lying around in your room that can be easily found. One of my students had set up an elaborate altar in her room, and her mother destroyed it.

Remember that the first rule of magick is silence. The best way to keep something a secret is for you not to let others know in the first place.

Broom Closet Witch Tips

Amazon Kindle
When it comes to learning about your craft, Amazon Kindle has a free app available. You can purchase witchy books on Kindle, and read privately on various mobile devices. Kindle, and the Kindle app can also read PDF documents. You can also send PDFs to Kindle via email attachment.

Divination is a process of gaining insight into a situation by supernatural means. Many witches use tarot cards, which sometimes attracts negative attention due to its symbolism, such as The Devil Card. Some people believe that divination is a sin. Many aspiring witches have found themselves in hot water when in possession of them.

It’s important for a witch to develop their intuition. One way around this is to learn how to use regular playing cards for divination. Some broom closet witches use dice for divination. There is also bibliomancy, a practice of opening a book to a random page to get insight on a situation. All of these practices can be found online, and in books that you can read on the Kindle app.

Hide In Plain Sight
When it comes to broom closet witches doing spells, there are definite ways to “hide in plain sight”. One of my favorite tips for broom closet witches is Kitchen Witchery. Kitchen Witches perform rituals while you they cook a meal, or make a cup of tea.

Socially Accepted Magick
Another way to perform spells out in the open is to employ aromatherapy. Essential oils have gone mainstream, so it’s easy to buy essential oils and put them in a room diffuser. You can also use a wax melt warmer. You can also purchase intentional wax melts. Witchy sellers such as @houss.freya created wax tarts expressly for the wax melt warmers.

I found one at a dollar store for about $5. The main idea is that you focus your intention into the oil or wax melt. As the liquid evaporates into the air through scent, your intention is sent into the astral plane. And if anyone asks what you’re doing, just tell them that it’s aromatherapy.

Miniature and Mobile Altars
You can also use a birthday candle in a cup, using salt, uncooked rice, or sand. Those substances won’t burn, and they will hold up a birthday candle which takes about 4 minutes to burn. 

You can create portable altars out of Altoid tins. They can fit a birthday candle, cone incense, a crystal or two, and maybe a small jar of herbs.

If you own a laptop, you can create a virtual altar on your wallpaper, or a secret board on Pinterest.

Secret Book of Shadows

Your computer or mobile device can be very helpful in building an online book of shadows. You can use Google Docs, save pics in a secret Pinterest board or private Instagram account. You can also set up a private journal with password on

Finally, when it comes to finding time and privacy, I recommend that you poop more often. Don’t be afraid of telling people that you’re going to poop when you’re really going to perform a ritual. Pooping is natural, and most people will leave you alone when you announce that’s what you’re going to do. Take advantage of this fact, and handle your magickal business!

You may be a broom closet witch now, but it may not necessarily be forever!