Amanda Yates Garcia was having difficulty writing her memoir about witchcraft. She believed that a writer’s curse had tormented her family for generations. To help herself break through this obstacle, she used solar eclipse magick to break the curse.

eclipse of the sun

Yates defines “Curse” as “a fantastical word for a pattern of events that doesn’t occur to your favor”. The particular “pattern of events” she experienced was characterized by self-doubt and anxiety in relation to her writing.

She had witnessed both of her parents struggle with attempts at becoming published writers. In an effort to complete her own book, she decided to break the family curse.

Eclipses represents a break in the natural order of things. So magick performed at this time can be used to break curses. Yates performed a spell to break her family curse, using solar eclipse magick.

In the end, she went on to complete her masterpiece work, “Initiated: Memoir of a Witch” with Grand Central Publishing. It’s safe to say that she overcame her generational curse. ✨

If you feel plagued by a generational curse, or other stubborn problem, eclipse magick can put it behind you.

Here are the steps that you can take.

Eclipse Magick How-To’s

Step 1
Set your intention. What is your desired outcome?

Step 2
Write down the ways that the problem/curse blinded you to your own power

Step 3
Light the paper describing your curse on fire. Say: “As the moon eclipses the sun, so does the power of my unconscious to destroy my obstacles”. Visualize your curse withering away, then visualize yourself filling with light, strength and power.

Step 4
Be still and listen to your intuition for messages, and steps to take

Step 5
Affirm in your journal that you are no longer hexed by your old issue. Decide to perform the inspired action by a certain date.

Ase! And so it is!