There’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this Friday, November 19th, which marks the start of Eclipse Season 2021. 

On that day, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Lunar eclipses occur during a Full Moon, when the Moon, Earth and Sun line up, causing the Earth’s shadow to hide the Moon from view.

full moon lunar eclipse

I say Eclipse season, because two weeks from now on December 4th, there will be a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Solar eclipses occur during a New Moon, when the Earth, New Moon, and Sun line up, causing the Moon to block the Sun from the Earth.

What does it mean for your manifesting?

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes fall into ruts and routines, so the Universe likes to kick things up a few notches by forcing change in our lives, to help us move forward. Even if we are kicking and screaming. These changes are often preceded by Eclipses.

Eclipses have triple the power of a regular New or Full Moon, so to have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse is a sign that quantum level changes will take place in your life. 

Expect abrupt endings, and unexpected beginnings.

Coincidentally, many pagan traditions call this Full Moon in Taurus the “Mourning Moon”. As November is considered the New Year (after Halloween and Samhain), this Mourning Moon is used for releasing old baggage, bad habits and toxic relationships. 

Eclipses happen in different signs every year, but a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of this “Mourning Moon”, lets us know that we will be shedding more than we expect this year. Even when we know that these changes are good for us, we may still grieve for our old ways. 

This is not a message to be afraid, but to remind you that major change is coming, and that you are closer than you think to the manifestation that you seek. And if something looks like a breakdown, it’s actually a breakthrough in disguise. The message is to tie a knot, and hold on for the ride!

Here are some other tips for surviving this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

Make Time For Reflection

Eclipses often act as “wild cards”, bringing unexpected changes. Allow time in your schedule to check in with yourself and others. Perform a releasing ritual.

Release The Need To Control

Abrupt endings and new beginnings will take you out of your comfort zone, and it’s likely that you’ll want to handle things your own way. This may not be possible, so prepare to go with the flow until the dust settles.

Be Flexible

Do your best to accept the changes that occur, and to seek the possibilities. Be open to new experiences and perspectives.

Seize Your Moment

You may be presented with an opportunity to do something now, which is months or years before you thought that you’d be ready. You can do this!

Keep Your Ears Open

Hidden truths may emerge through a random piece of gossip, or an overheard conversation. Don’t be afraid to follow it up.

Eclipses aren’t necessarily bad or good. They just provide us with the kick in the pants that we need.