This Sunday, August 8th is the New Moon in Leo, which is fantastic for setting new intentions. But it is ALSO the Lion’s Gate Portal!!!

two twin lions at the lions gate portal

For the current waning moon, I’ve been working a road opening spell to release fear, obstacles and other things that get in the way of living my best life!

Regardless of how powerful, spiritual, and enlightened we are, it’s still necessary to keep the roads to our blessings clear. Just like we practice spiritual hygiene to keep our aura clean, we still have to do those big clean up jobs from time to time as a form of maintenance.

However, the reason I’m doing my road opening work now is because I’m getting my ducks in a row for this Sunday’s New Moon in Leo Lion’s Gate Portal!

What Is The Lion’s Gate Portal?

Allow me to break this down: The Lion’s Gate Portal is the cosmic transit when the Earth aligns with the Star system Sirius and the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the point that everything in the Milky Way revolves around. The portal began to open late last month, and its peak opening occurs at the Leo New Moon!

The Ancient Egyptians observed that the alignment of Sirius and the Earth coincided with the flooding of the Nile River. This flood heralded a fertile and prosperous agricultural period.

Translation: This is an especially powerful time to manifest our desires. This is an opportunity to break free from the invisible chains that bind us, and call in the things that we want.

So I have to ask: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail??

This Sunday, August 8th, is the day to CALL. THAT. DESIRE. IN!

By the way, the Lion’s Gate Portal coinciding with the New Moon in Leo is EXTREMELY RARE. This will not happen again until AFTER 2050 – That’s thirty years from now!!!

So here is what you can do to take advantage of the Lion’s Gate Portal:

Be Courageous

Like the lion, don’t be shy. Speak up. Stand up. Stand out. This is your time to shine. Ask for what you really want. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Celebrate yourself! Remember to play!

Pay Attention

Your intuition will be especially “loud” these days. Watch for synchronicities (coincidences). Follow through on messages to take action. Record your dreams.

Meditate On Your Purpose

What is TRUE to you? Notice shifts in your consciousness. Make time for completions and healing.

Of course, with all of that manifesting power happening, I’m getting the Crayon Coven together to harness this New Moon Lion’s Gate Energy!

Manifest Your Desires!

On Sunday, August 8th at 1pm ET, I’m hosting another Moon Manifestation Circle. We’ll be creating a brand new sacred seal and spell for manifesting your desires.

For the first half of this ritual, I will teach you how to create a customized sacred seal that reflects your personal intentions through color magick. Crayons or colored pencils are suggested. I will also offer additional instructions if you would like to enhance your spell with herbs and/or crystals.

For the second half of this session, we will combine our energies for a powerful group manifestation ritual.

Cost $33.33

Registration closes on Saturday, July 7th at 10pm ET

After your payment is received, you will receive a suggested supply list (crayons and candles).There will not be a replay, but after the ritual, you will receive a PDF of the spell instructions for your Book of Shadows.

Sign up by clicking the link in the bio or visiting