Tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio, which heralds an intense time of the year.

While my Scorpio friends might be known for having the ability to sting like a scorpion, Scorpio mythology often focuses on the Phoenix, the mythical bird that bursts into flames, but rises again from its own ashes.

new moon in scorpio phoenix bird

What a powerful metaphor for TRANSFORMATION, which is what Scorpio season is all about.

In addition, all of this month’s themes involve darkness. As magickal people, we understand that we are a balance of darkness and light. This is the time to face our shadows, and even dance with them. We also acknowledge that death is a part of life, as we reach out to our ancestors.

New Moon in Scorpio’s powerful themes are:


Whether you are seeking to lose weight, recover from an addiction, start a business, or have a child, these manifestations cannot help but lead you to an updated version of yourself. Scorpio season brings a shit ton of powerful energy to help you overcome your obstacles.

The Occult

Whether you are developing your powers, researching ancient mysteries, or practicing your craft, this month is the perfect time to do some deep dives into magick and witchcraft.

Shadow Work

If you have spent any part of your life wondering why you feel blocked in a particular area, or why certain people or situations keep repeating themselves, then it’s time to look at your shadows. Shadow work pulls out the flashlight to identify how we get in our own way. This is also a great time to start therapy.

Ancestral Work

It’s no mistake that holidays such as All Saints’ Day, Day of the Dead, and Samhain occur during this season. Many cultures believe that the dead are more available now than at any other time of the year, which makes this a good time to freshen your ancestor altar, and communicate with your family who have passed on. At the very least, watch the Disney/Pixar movie Coco!


If you or a loved one has been on a healing journey, Scorpio season is good for healing rituals, as well as investigating new doctors and procedures. Healing journeys are also spiritual journeys, and some people choose to do shadow work around the lessons found between pain and recovery.


Most transformation happens in the dark, and in the shadows. As Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, we know that transformation also occurs in the bedroom. If you have been wanting to get your groove back (with or without a partner), this is the time to get back in the saddle. This is also an opportune moment to learn about and practice s*x magick

I hope that you are able to harness this powerful energy to create change in your life.

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