In today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to create a spiritual cleansing and protection bath. You can use this for yourself or for someone that you care about. This cleansing and protection bath is probably the most requested spell that I have.

aunt carla holding a bowl of protection bath ingredients

People ask me about protection baths in my Instagram DMs a lot. You can make a simple cleansing bath from simple ingredients found at your local grocery store. For additional protection, I will share other ingredients to make it even more powerful. 

Why A Spiritual Protection Bath?

Why do we need a spiritual protection bath? Our spiritual essence needs to be clean and clear. So sometimes we might be around people who are energy vampires. Someone might be taking energy from us. People who have a heavy energy complain a lot. If you spend time with them, you may suddenly feel kind of heavy too. 

Or it could be you might feel like people are jealous of you or they’re just bothering you. It could be microaggressions. You might just feel the need to cleanse yourself. Or you may feel that someone has hexed you, or sent some bad energy your way.  Well, this spiritual protection bath can go a long way into cleaning and clearing your aura. 

Simple Ingredients

The main ingredients in this spell are lemons, rosemary, and salt. That’s it. Those are the basic ingredients and hopefully you should be able to get them in your local grocery store. If this is all you have, this will go a long way. 

Lemons represent cleansing. They have that cleansing scent, and if you notice, a lot of household cleaners have lemon in them. But on a spiritual level, lemons also represent cleansing. Rosemary is purification and protection. I have some fresh sprigs of rosemary here, and if you have dried rosemary, you can use that too.

Here are two lemons, rosemary, and I’m going to add a quarter cup of sea salt. If all you have is table salt, that’s okay too. Salt represents protection, just about every witch worth his or her salt will have salt in their toolbox. So salt is for protection.

So these three ingredients alone will do the trick. Lemons for cleansing. Rosemary for protection and purification. Salt is also for protection. The combination of all of these ingredients will cleanse your aura.

What If You Don’t Have A Tub?

When using a shower, pour the mixture over your body after the mixture cools.

While all of your ingredients are steaming, you will stir them together. Since we are removing obstacles in this protection bath, I would recommend stirring counterclockwise.

You can say things like, “I cleanse myself of all negativity,” , but speak from your heart.

If you like to use Bible Psalms in your rituals, then the 23rd Psalm would be perfect for this.   If you live or work in a toxic environment, you can take a protection bath or  shower like this once a week.

How Often Do You Need A Protection Bath?

If you need a deep cleanse, take this bath three times in a row. Take this bath right before you go to bed. 

Perhaps you’re feeling heavy energy is in your way and possibly blocking you. In that case, take this protection bath seven nights in a row. If you need a lift, take the bath once a week. Or you could do it seven nights in a row. It’s up to what you’re feeling. 

Light a white candle while stirring your ingredients together in the kitchen. Then take the mixture to the bathroom. 

Either put this mixture in a warm bath, or step into the shower and pour it over your body. 

What To Do In The Bath

While you are in the bathtub is a great time to speak your intentions aloud. In the shower or the bathtub is when you would speak your intentions aloud. You could also recite the 23rd Psalm again. 

When you feel your spirits lift, drain the water from the tub. And at that point, imagine those negative obstacles floating draining going down the drain along with that water. If you’re taking a shower, just pour the mixture all over your body. 

Pour it over your head, if your hairstyle can handle it. If not, put some of the protection bath mixture in a water spritzer bottle and just spritz over your hair. Make sure not to put this not to get it into your eyes. This way you’re getting some kind of coverage on your head. 

When You Need Extra Protection

If you are experiencing crossed conditions, add the herb Rue (Ruda in Spanish) to your protection bath ingredients.  I’d also add a couple of splashes of Florida Water for extra spiritual cleansing.

After you assemble all the ingredients for your protection bath, you can also use a strainer to make cleanup easier. After your bath or shower allow your body to dry naturally.

Add Florida Water as a spiritual cologne for cleansing. Some people like to spray it as a perfume right before they leave the house. Or after encountering someone they didn’t like, to clean themselves of any kind of bad energy.