Have you heard of the “Describe Yourself in Three Witches” challenge?

Last year on Instagram, I saw some posts that mentioned a #describeyourselfin3witches challenge, and I had to try it.

describe yourself in three witches challenge with Lafayette Reynolds, Beyonce, and Erykah Badu

Can You Describe Yourself In Three Witches?

The idea is that you decide on three witches in history or popular culture that you most resonate with, and create a graphic to post on Instagram.

For my updated version for 2021, my three witches are:

Lafayette Reynolds

Lafayette Reynolds from HBO’s True Blood – Forever sassy and fabulous, his gender-bending character always had the best lines. When his character began practicing magick, that was the best!!! He always did what he wanted, and how he wanted. A witch needs that kind of confidence to make shit happen. Love you, LaLa!!! RIP Nelsan Ellis.


Beyoncé – Since she’s been singing about the ancestors and dressing up as Oshun, it’s fairly safe to say that  she is out of the broom closet. She clearly has magick backing up her talents, and I ain’t mad at that.

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu – As a witch who is also an artist and musician, Erykah Badu appeals to my creative side. Even if she never officially came out as a witch, she’s all crystals, incense, and music. She is me.

I’d love for you to do this on IG. If you do, add the hashtag #describeyourselfin3witches or tag me, and I’ll share in my IG Stories.

Now You Try It!

After updating my three witches for the “describe yourself in three witches” challenge yesterday, I saw how this fun post could be a powerful teaching moment.

When you think of witches that you read about, or see in movies and TV, what attracts you to them?

What do they do that makes you say, “That is me right there!!!”

Is it their wisdom, their courage, their awkwardness? Are they a musician, a rebel, a seducer?

Whatever you see in them that you like is a reflection of your own power, and I’d like you to own that.

And if there is someone who seems witchy to you, even if they have never called themselves a witch, that’s fine. Someone said that Sade would be their 4th choice, saying” even if she doesn’t identify as a witch, her music is ethereal and spellbinding!”. So as far as I’m concerned, that counts!!!

If you need inspiration, here are some names for inspiration:

  • Marie Laveau (historical or American Horror Story version)
  • The Sisters from Practical Magic
  • Prudence from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Stevie Nicks

Not to mention TV shows and movies like Siempre Bruja, The Munsters, Charmed, Elvira, etc. I could go on!!!

If you don’t feel like posting it publicly, then just comment below: Who are your favorite witches, and WHY do you love them?

At the very least, write this information down in your magickal journal (you do have one, don’t you??). This exercise will teach you a lot about yourself.

And if you do this exercise again in the future, you will also learn about how your personal magick evolves.

So I dare you to try this “Describe Yourself in Three Witches” challenge! If you desire, let me know what you come up with!